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Q: Will my son play on his school team? Can I find out how many spots are open for a team?

CFSA Football forms teams based on the school attendance zone your child lives in as determined by CFISD.  A team consists of 24 players (16 for Flag) that register from a single school attendance zone and are randomly placed on a team together.  Players registering from the previous season (tackle divisions only) can lock-in with the previous year team they played on if registering within the first two weeks of registration.   Additional players would either form a second team from that school attendance zone, if enough additional players register, or would be combined with other players from nearby school attendance zones to form a team.  Since teams are not formed until after registration closes per CFSA Football rules and pending address verification, it is CFSA policy to not release the number of registrants by school during registration.

Q: How much are the registration fees for Football?
A: Football is broken into Flag and Tackle, 5 & 6 year olds (typically Grade K and 1) are in Flag while those boys in grades 2 thru 6 are in Tackle football. Registration is $200 for Flag and $225 for Tackle during the month of May; In June registration for tackle will increase to $250. This amount includes game jerseys, fields and officials. All other equipment required to participate in games is the responsibility of the player parent. See "What equipment must my son have to play.." question below.

Fall Football Grade Levels


·         Flag – K & 1st

·         Rookie – 2nd

·         Freshman – 3rd

·         Sophomore – 4th

·         JV – 5th

·         Varsity – 6th

Q: I am interested in volunteering to coach football this year and would like to know what process I need to follow to pursue this.
A: Interaction with the football committee is highly recommended. Whether that means attending monthly meetings or getting to know the committee members so that they can make better decisions when engaged in the interview process. The coaches applications are reviewed by the Division Commissioners and the candidates are required to attend an interview session with the entire football committee. The Division Commissioner and his/her Directors select a coach based on the criteria set forth by the committee to better serve the area youth. Final approval from committee is then required to formalize the selection. Coaches are announced after team formations, which is usually one week after registration closes. The Football committee ONLY selects the Head Coach. The Head Coach will select his assistant coaches. So, you may want to get to know some to the guys who have coached and intend (with the approval of the football committee) to return.

Q: Can my child play up or down from one division to another?
A: A child MAY NOT play down for any reason. A child may play up one year, for example, a 7 year old, would play up as an 8 year old and stay in Freshman, but an 8 year old may play up one year as a 9 year old and play JV. Many want their children to play up for various reasons (i.e. siblings, classmates, outstanding athleticism, etc.). Please consider the effect of playing a contact sport against much more mature players will have on a child?s confidence and enjoyment of the game before considering this option, we don't always recommend this course of action.

Q: I coached last year, do I automatically get the team this year?
A: No. The Football Committee selects the coaches based on their judgment as to what is the best for the boys and the program. Past coaching experience (both positive and negative) should be a factor considered by the Football Committee.

Q: We reside in a school district adjoining CFISD. Can my child play CFSA football?
A: Yes. At registration you will need to register through the CFISD middle school nearest your residence. Your son will be placed on the nearest team to your residence based on availability.

Q: Is it OK to wait until the last day of registration or late registration?

Yes, you must register in the first two weeks if you want to lock-in on your current team (team you played on in previous fall  Season).  Only teams moving into Freshmen,Sophomore, JV, and Varsity can lock-in for the fall Season.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to lock-in outside of the first two weeks of registration.  If you elect not to lock-in on your previous year team you will go back in the pool for random draw for that grade level.  The registration fee during May will be $225; in June the registration fee will increase to $250.  Registration for all divisions is done on a random draw and teams are formed by the middle school you will attend.  If a sufficient number of players register through a school so that 2 or more teams must be formed, players are to be placed on teams according to the rules. Once teams are formed and rosters are frozen, there is no moving of players under any condition; this includes a position for the school team your son attends comes open after final rosters (due to a withdrawal).  Players who register during late registration are placed on the closest team of need.

Q: How do I get more involved in the program?
A: We recommend attending the monthly football committee meetings the first Sunday of every month at Velocity Sports. Also submitting your requested agenda to the Commissioner prior to attending will help your cause.

Q: What equipment must my son have to play and what does CFSA issue?
A: CFSA issues game jerseys. The other uniforms necessary to practice and play in games is up to the player and parent. The equipment is solely the responsibility of the player and parent. The equipment and uniform is as follows: For tackle divisions football pants with pads (game pants are additional and optional and coordinated with the team coach),. football cleats and socks, (game socks are optional and color coordinated with the team coach), practice jerseys, shoulder pads, helmet with attached mouthpiece. Arm, elbow pads, and gloves are optional. Helmet stickers are optional and coordinated by the team coach. For flag football uniform is shorts or football pants, cleats and socks (game shorts/pants/socks are additional and optional and coordinated with the team coach) and a mouthpiece. We recommend that all players have their equipment fitted and purchased at a sporting goods store like Academy, Sports Authority or Barcelona. Also, CFSA highly recommends physicals to ensure your son is in good health.
Q: How many nights a week are there practices and/or games?
A: The CFSA Football Rules dictate the total allowable activities a team may participate in during a given week. Activities is inclusive of games, practices, chalk talks, etc. Prior to the beginning of school, teams are allowed to have four activities per week, once school begins teams are allowed to have three activities per week.